1. Visit the Coastal Discovery Museum

The Coastal Discovery Museum should be your first stop for all things Hilton Head. This is place to go to gain a better understanding of the Lowcountry’s cultural heritage and history, its ecology, and its residents, both past and present.

2. Climb a Lighthouse and See the View

The Lighthouse is located at the Harbour Town Yacht Basin. Climbing to the top of the lighthouse is one of the most popular visitor activities. You climb through a museum that displays a valuable collection of 19th Century and Civil War-era photographs and artifacts.

3. Golf the Lowcountry

Hilton Head’s mild climate, appealing natural surroundings, and careful development predetermined that this area would become one of this country’s most popular golf destinations.

4. Rent a Bike & Explore the Island

Hilton Head Island is perfect for bike riding. Not only is it beautiful, it’s flat. When you first arrive here, you can’t help but notice all the bike riders. They are all over the place, meandering the miles and miles of designated bike trails, riding on the beach, exploring the Island’s beautiful treasures.

5. Discover the Dolphins

Hilton Head dolphins are as friendly as the people here. They show up in all the populated places – the Atlantic beaches, the sounds, and the creeks. Their graceful, silvery bodies never fail to catch attention as they arc through the waters or pop up to grin at you with their smiling faces.

6. Comb a Beach

Every year over two million visitors flock here to enjoy the warm sunshine and more than 12 miles of beaches that encircle Hilton Head. Beachcombing is a natural activity for all ages. Have fun searching for crabs, shells, sand dollars, starfish, driftwood, and other treasures.

7. Take a Boat to Savannah

A “must do” for visitors to Hilton Head Island is a boat cruise to Savannah. Skip the hassles of driving and arrive at Savannah’s River Street in style.

8. Rent a Boat & Be Your Own Captain

With miles of picturesque waterways Hilton Head Island offers many ways to explore. If you are adventurous and feel the call of the wild, try renting a powerboat and be your own captain.

9. Rent a Golf Cart & Explore Daufuskie

Explore Daufuskie Island by golf cart, an experience that is completely different and that you’ll remember for a long time. Great for all ages.

10. Let Yourself Go Like Tarzan

Hilton Head has plenty of beaches and golf courses, but on an island known for its extensive tree canopy, a through-the-trees aerial adventure is a natural fit.

11. Picnic on a Sandbar

There are few experiences as typical to the Lowcountry lifestyle as a picnic on one of our many sandbars.

12. Learn About Our Wildlife

Winged, feathered, scaled or furred, Hilton Head’s natural inhabitants are all impressive and enjoyable to observe, but require the utmost respect as you come upon their terrain.

13. Encounter an Alligator

If you want to see one of the Hilton Head’s most intriguing inhabitants, the American alligator, you probably need to go only as far as the nearest fresh water or brackish lagoon.

14. Photograph Nature with a Pro

In the Lowcountry, “photo ops” can be found at every turn. Join a guided photographic tour along Hilton Head’s waterways or the Savannah River.

15. Go Birdwatching

Both the amateur and the avid birdwatcher quickly recognize Hilton Head as a prime place for birding. Birding is so popular and such an essential part of the Lowcountry experience that most guided ecotours include bird watching as part of their excursions.

16. Visit a Maritime Center

Port Royal Sound Foundation’s new Maritime Center is now open at the historic Lemon Island Marina, located between Bluffton and Beaufort on US 170 at the south end of the bridge over the Chechessee River.

17. Watch the Sun Set

Hilton Head Island’s distinctive scenery, combined with its mysterious light, makes sunset viewing an enduring Lowcountry pastime. Any place on the western side of the Island will give you a good sunset.

18. Go Horseback Riding

Your visit to Hilton Head Island would be not complete without a trail ride on horseback through the Sea Pines Forest Preserve. Pretend you are back in time, in an era before cars, exploring unspoiled forests just as the Spanish did.

19. Explore Nature’s Refuges

The Lowcountry’s estuarial ecosystem has led to the preservation of three national wildlife refuges that are open for exploration: Pinckney Island, ACE Basin, and the Savannah Wildlife Refuges.

20. Take a Tasty Walking Tour

If you like to walk . . . if you like food . . . if you like history . . . if you’re looking for a fun activity for the whole family . . . have we got some a walking tour for you!

21. Play a Game of Bridge

If golf and tennis are the official sports of the Lowcountry, bridge is the official card game. Hundreds of visitors flock to Hilton Head to set up a table or two for a weekend – or week – of bridge.

22. Check Out Beautiful Shelter Cove

The giant bronze statue of Neptune, Shelter Cove Harbour’s most famous landmark, furnishes an ideal family photo, but it is not the only thing that draws people to Shelter Cove Harbour.

23. Check Out the Happenings at Coligny Circle

Coligny Circle and the Forest Beach area is easy to find; it is freely accessible by foot, car and bike; it’s right on the most popular public beach; and there are numerous hotels, shops and restaurants within walking distance.

24. Check Out the Fun at Palmetto Bay Marina

Before there was Sea Pines, there was Palmetto Bay Marina, opened in 1959. The marina’s free-spirited Key West ambiance makes it a popular all-day destination. Water activities, restaurants, and shops will keep folks of all ages and interests busy from morning to night.

25. Check Out Legendary Harbour Town

Hilton Head Island’s Harbour Town Yacht Basin is “must do” – a great place for the whole family to spend a whole day. It is the center of activity within The Sea Pines Resort.

26. Check Out Sunny South Beach

Located at in the Sea Pines Resort, South Beach Marina Village is modeled after a New England-style fishing village. It is a great place to congregate, people watch, and spend the day – shopping, dining, and plenty of things to do.

27. Check Out the Adventures at Broad Creek Marina

There is so much fun to be had at this mid-island hub that the owners have decided to call this marina “Broad Creek Marina Adventures.” You can spend the whole day in this one spot.

28. Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Lowcountry

There is a new family adventure available in both Hilton Head and Savannah – helicopter tours! From the air you get a unique perspective and whole new feel for the Lowcountry.

29. Take a Sunset Dinner Cruise

In the midst of over 200 wonderful restaurants on Hilton Head Island, there is one unique dining experience offering the ultimate in beauty and romance – a sunset dinner cruise.

30. Take a Boat to a Restaurant

Ditch the car and take a boat to a restaurant. Enjoy a relaxing scenic cruise and dine on true Lowcountry cuisine in Savannah and on Daufuskie Island .

31. Sail on an America’s Cup Boat

The Stars and Stripes is an original 12-meter America’s Cup boat skippered by Dennis Conner. Offers a 90-minute afternoon sail and a two-hour sunset sail.

32. Fly in a Trimaran

Don’t miss out on taking a cruise on Hilton Head’s only trimaran, berthed at the Harbour Town Yacht Basin in the Sea Pines Resort.

33. Cruise on a Catamaran

For a tranquil experience on the water, take a sail on a sailing catamaran. You’ll feel totally relaxed as you take in the serene Hilton Head Island waters.

34. Get Over It With Parasailing

Parasailing is your ticket to a peaceful yet thrilling experience. Soar over Hilton Head Island and you’ll see the Lowcountry for miles in every direction. Go solo or fly tandem. Choose how high you soar, from 400 to 800 feet in the air. Get wet or stay dry.

35. Go Waterskiing, Tubing & Zupping

How about an extreme day. Experience the thrill of speeding behind a powerboat on nothing more than a pair of water skis or a bouncy rubber tube.

36. Take a Sailing Cruise

Set sail and venture out on the pristine waters that surround beautiful Hilton Head Island. Slicing through the sparkling water aboard a sail boat, with the warm sun shining above and the fresh wind blowing through your hair, invigorates the senses and relaxes the mind.

37. Get Wild on a Waverunner

A popular sport on Hilton Head is jet skiing, or waverunning. Our waters are safe and uncrowded so you can go “fast and bouncy” or “slow and cruise.”

38. Hit the Surf

Anthropologists guess that around 400 A.D. a form of belly boarding on wood planks was introduced in ancient Hawaii. Over the centuries, the art, sport and culture of surfing has evolved.

39. Stand Up & Paddle

Stand up paddle boarding is one of today’s fastest growing water activities, great for all ages. World-class surfers, fitness gurus and watermen alike have embraced this latest exercise trend.

40. Skim the Waters

Here’s a new one – a two seat, down-low compact power catamaran that reaches speeds up to 30 miles an hour! And you drive it yourself! This has to be one of the coolest ways to explore Hilton Head’s waterways. Think of it as a combination of the best of a boat, waverunner and kayak.

41. Paddle the Lowcountry’s Waters

Kayaking is a Hilton Head “must do.” It is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural gifts the Lowcountry has to offer.

42. Take a Raft Ride

For an exhilarating guided water tour with plenty of photo opportunities, be sure to consider the thrill of riding in a hard bottom inflatable zodiac-type raft.

43. Go Charter Fishin’

The waters of Hilton Head Island and the Lowcountry are an angler’s paradise. Just choose your fishing adventure – we have it all.

44. Fish on a Party Boat

No, it’s not fishing to libations and live music. “Party boats,” also known as “head boats,” are large fishing boats that are licensed to carry ten to 100 passengers. They charge a fixed fee per customer (“head” or “party”) for regularly scheduled fishing trips.

45. Fish the Fresh Waters

What’s a vacation without some leisurely time to kick back and drop a fishing pole into the water? If you aren’t a heavy-duty angler, you have kids in tow, or you just don’t want to spend the time or money for a charter boat, then try fishing in one of the Island’s many lagoons and ponds.

46. Go Fly Fishing

Hilton Head Island has become the fly fishing mecca for the Palmetto state. Whether backcountry, inshore or offshore, most all South Atlantic game fish can be successfully targeted depending on the time of year.

47. Hunt for “Jaws”

Arrive home with the ultimate fish story – “I caught JAWS!” Perhaps this is why shark fishing is one of the most popular excursions for both family fun and serious sports fishermen alike.

48. Go Crabbing

Feeling a little crabby? An easy and relaxing Hilton Head family activity, perhaps easier than fishing, is an outing to go crabbing. If you would like to learn more about crabbing, there are a number of companies in the area who can show you the ropes.

49. Cast a Net

One of the most iconic images of the Lowcountry is a fisherman in his bateau throwing a huge mesh net to catch shrimp and baitfish. So if you want to get a good feel for what the Lowcountry is all about, learn to throw a cast net.

50. Learn About the Gullah Culture

The Gullah culture has woven its way into the fabric of the Lowcountry. Hilton Head Island offers visitors the chance to learn more about this unique and complex culture through guided historical tours.

51. Explore the Stoney-Baynard Ruins

Thanks to the ingenious masonry methods used by 18th century Lowcountry builders, you can walk the ruins of a grand antebellum tabby mansion. The Stoney-Baynard Ruins tells the colorful story of Hilton Head Island and of the Stoney and Baynard families.

52. Visit Historic Churches

For a quick history lesson, be sure to drive or bike by any one of the area’s historic churches. Most of these churches served as places of worship for abandoned or freed slaves during and after the Civil War, and are still open every Sunday for services.

53. Explore Historic Bluffton

For the perfect day trip, you don’t have to look any farther than over the bridge from Hilton Head Island to find the quaint, historical town of Bluffton. It features a thriving art district, historical tours of antebellum homes and churches, and great antique shops.

54. Visit the Heyward House

Built around 1840 as a summer residence for plantation owner John James Cole, the Heyward House was one of 15 houses and two churches to escape demolition by Union troops during the Civil War. It is open for tours Monday through Friday.

55. Tour a Lowcountry Plantation

When you first pull up in front of Rose Hill Mansion, you can’t help but experience a rush of vivid images of pre-Civil War plantation life.

56. Encounter the Haunted Side

A visit to the Lowcountry is not complete until you’ve experienced the “haints” of the South: Boo Hags and root doctors; Voodoo and grave robbers; pirates and Civil War soldiers. This is the stuff of Lowcountry legends, creepy tales, and goose bumps, both on land and at sea.

57. Visit Our Libraries

You may want a new good “beach read,” or you might need a good way to entertain your youngsters. Whatever your need, take time to visit one of the Island’s popular libraries.

58. Visit Hilton Head’s Historic Forts

Hilton Head Island has the remnants of four Civil War forts. If you are interested in historic forts, don’t miss two of Savannah’s most significant forts: Fort Pulaski and Fort Jackson. And in the Charleston area, historic Fort Sumter.

59. Visit the First Freedman’s Village

Mitchelville was the first freed slave village in the United States. When the Union troops invaded and occupied Hilton Head Island in 1861 after the Battle of Port Royal, African-Americans officially began their road towards freedom.

60. Play at a Children’s Museum

The Sandbox on Hilton Head Island is a hands-on interactive museum for children with exhibits that are designed to help children learn while having fun.

61. Create Your Own Memories

Check out The Art Cafe in Coligny Plaza to create your own Hilton Head souvenir. It offers a variety of unfinished ceramics, from coffee mugs to wall hangings, for you to paint and add your creative talent.

62. Meet the Small Animals

Lawton Stables has Hilton Head’s only small animal farm where your youngsters can meet and pet a beautiful and friendly collection of animals.

63. Check Out Our Parks & Playgrounds

Did you come to the Island with some kids and a dog that really need to run free? People and pets can find plenty of freedom at family-friendly parks all around the Island.

64. Play a Round of Miniature Golf

While adults are typically the ones who enjoy the world-class golf on Hilton Head Island, the entire family can enjoy our fun and unique miniature golf courses.

65. Watch the Fireworks

When the tourist season swings into high gear, the night skies of Hilton Head sizzle with fireworks. Running from mid-June through to mid-August, beginning around 9:00 p.m. (weather permitting, of course), Shelter Cove Marina hosts a pyrotechnic display visible all along Broad Creek.

66. Be a Pirate of the Calibogue

Whether it’s Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow, pirates always seem to excite and fascinate us. Now your youngsters have a chance to experience what it must have been like to be a pirate along the South Carolina coast with Pirates of Hilton Head, which offers pirate sails daily during the summer.

67. Play Tennis

Over 300 courts and 19 tennis clubs dot Hilton Head Island. Internationally recognized tennis programs for every age and ability level are offered year around, and there are always tournaments and round robins.

68. Discover Magical Daufuskie Island

Just a short distance across the water from Hilton Head Island is Daufuskie Island, a century removed from the upscale stores, vacation villas, and power yachts of Hilton Head’s busiest tourist destination.

69. Do Daufuskie On Your Own

If you are curious about Daufuskie Island but want more flexibility than a guided tour, design your own day trip. Visiting Daufuskie can be a completely impromptu adventure, requiring nothing more than a few dollars, lots of curiosity, and time to spend.

70. Do the Music Scene

Hilton Head Island has an abundance of high caliber local musical fare at reasonable prices, and some totally free. Venues range from large auditoriums and tennis stadiums, to churches and intimate clubs.

71. Go to the Theatre

Named one of the “100 Best Small Art Towns in America,” Hilton Head Island is nationally renowned for its vibrant arts community, encompassing everything from first-class art galleries to Broadway-style theatre to dance and musical performances.

72. Visit a Lowcountry Art Gallery

Hilton Head’s barrier island setting has become a Mecca for visual artists. Painters, sculptors and photographers flock here to take advantage our magical backdrops and our year-around explosion of colors and textures. Nowhere is this more obvious than in a stroll through our local art galleries and studios.

73. Go Out to Wine & Dine

You’ve been on the go all day, and now you’re ravenous. Lucky for you, the Hilton Head area is as loaded with great restaurants as it is with activities that work up an appetite.

74. Shop ‘Til You Drop

If golfing is the number one pursuit on Hilton Head, then the number two activity is the “golf widow’s revenge” – SHOPPING.

75. Shop a Farmers Market

Shopping for local produce and products in the laid-back ambiance of one of a Lowcountry’s farmers market is not only economical, but it is very entertaining. There are a number of Hilton Head area farmers markets open seasonally year around.

76. Buy a Piece of the Foot

The prospect of buying a home in the Hilton Head area may seem overwhelming – there are so many choices, where do you even begin? Actually, there is a basic order to the decision-making.

77. Take a Trolley Tour of Savannah

A narrated open-air trolley tour of the Historic District is a popular way to get a comprehensive introduction to Savannah’s significant history that began almost 300 years ago.

78. Take a Specialty Tour of Savannah

You’ve already taken a trolley tour, which gave you an overview of Savannah’s Historic District. Now it’s time to focus on the details. Take a specialty guided walking or driving tour.

79. Tour the Sites of “The Book”

Since its publication in 1994, John Berendt’s book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, or “The Book” as locals refer to it, has made a big impact on Savannah. Learn about this non-fiction depiction of the story’s places and players by joining a guided tour.

80. See the Movie Sets of Savannah

The history, scenery and ambiance of Georgia’s First City attract filmmakers from around the world. Savannah has been the location for over 87 movies. There are over 110 movie locations in the Historic District alone.

81. Take a Riverboat Cruise

The River Street Riverboat Company offers a variety of cruises aboard the Savannah River Queen and the Georgia Queen, replicas of the river boats that cruised America’s rivers in days gone by.

82. Shop the Cobbled Streets

Savannah is regarded as an international destination offering world-class art galleries, fine antique shops, and high-end boutiques. The Historic District has managed to preserve Savannah’s old world southern charm while blending in contemporary shopping.

83. Be a Ghost Hunter

From the cemeteries to bordellos to haunted mansions, Savannah has a reputation for having more than its fair share of ghosts and goose bumps, many of which have a basis in historical fact.

84. Tour Savannah’s Historic Homes

Always proud of its heritage and beauty, Savannah has a long track record of historic preservation. Visitors to Savannah may tour some of these magnificent historic homes.

85. Visit the Bamboo Farm

When you think of Savannah, do you think of bamboo groves? If you do, you’re right. Bamboo has thrived here for over 100 years at what locals affectionately call “The Bamboo Farm.”

86. Honor the Mighty 8th

Experience the excitement of a World War II combat mission or enjoy the quiet solitude of an authentic English countryside chapel at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

87. Visit a Train Museum

Savannah’s Roundhouse Railroad Museum is a “must do” for railroad buffs. There are exhibits of antique machinery, locomotives, passenger cars other rolling stock and a truly splendid model railroad set.

88. Visit Savannah’s Colonial Churches

Savannah was founded as a Church of England settlement, but many other beliefs soon followed. There are many historic churches. Here are a few significant colonial congregations.

89. Party Savannah

There are a number of interesting nightlife tours in Savannah, including walking and van tours that specialize in brewpub crawls and martini barhopping.

90. Visit Savannah’s Forts

As one of the key areas fought over during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Savannah offers you a glimpse of America’s earliest turmoil. It historic fort sites inspire awe and bring tears to those who visit.

91. Get Carriaged Away

As long as you’re visiting Georgia’s First City, why not tour her in a style in harmony with her history – a horse drawn carriage.

92. Visit an Art Museum

Not everything in Savannah’s Historic District has come to us from the 17th or 18th century. Visit the Telfair Museum and the Jepson Center for an artistic taste of Savannah.

93. Visit Colonial Wormsloe Plantation

Once you drive through the iron gates, a 1-1/2 mile avenue, sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss, leads you to the fortified tabby ruins of Wormsloe, the 18th century colonial estate of Noble Jones.

94. Don’t Miss Tybee Island

Tybee Island is “Savannah’s Beach”. Located 18 miles east of Savannah, this small barrier island boasts a wide, three-mile long beach that’s backed by sea oat-covered sand dunes. It is perfect for sunbathing, people watching and frolicking in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

95. Explore Beautiful Beaufort

When visiting Beaufort, founded 300 years ago, you can’t help but be curious about its history. Why are all these beautiful antebellum homes still here? Who were the people who built them, what did they do, and what was it like to live that lifestyle?

96. Visit the Parris Island Museum

Parris Island is the training ground for some of America’s greatest heroes. The Island is open to the general public. The Parris Island Museum houses over 8,000 exhibits and photographs covering this US military training center since its beginning.

97. Visit Hunting Island

Hunting Island State Park is a truly spectacular place. Located on a 5,000-acre barrier island just 16 miles east of Beaufort on Hwy. 21, the park teems with wildlife and lush vegetation, and offers a delightful day for anyone interested in nature or history.

98. Visit the Penn Center

The Penn Center on St. Helena Island, southeast of Beaufort, was one of the country’s first schools for freed slaves and is considered one of this country’s most significant African-American historic institutions. It is a National Historic Landmark.

99. Explore Sheldon Church Ruins

For a special albeit out-of-the-way experience, visit the stately Old Sheldon Church Ruins. Moss-draped trees surround towering brick and tabby columns that comprise the remains of what was once one of the South’s most beautiful churches.

100. Turn Back Time in Historic Charleston

The city of Charleston is one of this country’s most popular destinations, having received “Condé Nast Traveler’s” Award as “Top U.S. City.” Visitors can choose from a number of guided tours year around.

101. Experience a Southern Plantation

Tour some of the south’s most iconic plantations: Boone Hall, Drayton Hall, Hampton Plantation State Historic Site, Magnolia Plantation, and Middleton Plantation.

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